Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Re fashioning a new sewing room accessory

I made this.....

I was inspired by some of the many creative uses for yard sticks and rulers that I have seen on Pinterest and around the internet. Here a a few of those inspirations.

Because I didn't have a bunch of yard sticks at my disposal, I used what was available to me. Paper.

It started it's life as a promotional box from a hair product company. However I saw a new potential. On one of those occasions when I wanted my sewing room to become Pinterest worthy and thought every thing should be cute and funky and matching, I set to work with Mod Podge and paper to transform this-

In to this-

This is scrapbooking paper 'rulers' by Tim Holtz and Mod Podge at work to create a sort of modern industrial looking storage case. This is now the home of my staple gun and staples, and I don't mind having this on display in my sewing room at all!

If anyone knows how to distress the metal please feel free to comment or direct me to a link. Thanks.


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