Sunday, 30 November 2014

Jalie 3132

Just trying to get a few warm and cozy basics made up for the cold and damp winter here in B.C.
I like this Jalie 3132 pattern. Easy breezy to make. I did a few changes- like not adding the pouch pocket- makes it a bit dressier in my opinion. A sweater knit also helps . I didn't like that the hood interior would show so Ilined it with a remnant of black knit. I didn't care for the way they had you finish the neckedge- very unfinished. On my next take I think I will put a binding over it.

Other then that it's a great pattern. The fit is good - no surprises with Jalie. And I've already worn it 5 or 6 times. That's a good thing!

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Kimono - making choices

Make A Garment A Month project for "November Nights" theme finished. I chose NEWLOOK 6072 from project runway ,now discontinued. I'm not feeling like I want to go out dancing in this - but I will take it on a hot holiday somewhere.

In the beginning..... I was going to use the camel silk for the contrast. It matched perfect, despite my lying camera. But the colour looked ghastly against my skin. So then I thought I might embroider on it to "help". Way to much work and it really wasn't helping...mind you it looks ok in the picture.

Then I found the blue Asian print, in the stash. And I kinda like it. Better colour for me. The right weight. Mixing the prints is tripping me up though, but I'm going with it anyways. I read some where?- when making a quilt you need 10% CLASH. This is sitting at about 100% right now. ( no- this is not going to be a quilt, just using the same theory).

Then.... I love it when this happens.... I was hanging up piles of clothes in my bedroom and this scarf jumped up and hit me in the head.So now I'm throwing this into the mix! Keeping my fingers crossed ,I believe there is enough Fringe to add to the bottom, I may have to fudge it some. This could be very interesting or a big hot mess.... Humm ... Wish me luck.

After playing around a bit more I think I might just try to use the scarf to make some flat piping to bridge the prints together, and I like the texture it will add. So here I am taking a very easy peese project and making it way too complicated.

Here's what I have so far. The flat piping was very crooked despite my best efforts. So a design op presented itself. This summer I bought a button up shirt with fringe on the front- so I used it for inspiration.

Mine looks like this. I opted not to put the fringe on the bottom, even though I did have enough. I liked it better without.

Over all , I'm happy with my kimono. It was dead easy to make with great instructions for a beginner, I like the fit and shape. I like the final choices of my materials, but it will be for indoors, a lay around the house kimono, and I kinda wanted to wear it out. Oh well , I have enough fabric left over to make some wide leg bottoms and a camisole. This out of print NEWLOOK 6572 is my go to TNT for pj's.... then my lounge out fit will be complete.
Stay tuned for my next kimono. I have already picked out my fabrics and am happy to say I will be wearing It outside.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kimono - take two

My first take on NEWLOOK 6072 turned out rather sleepwear-ish. Nice but big yawn! See it here.Then one day, while minding my own business, picking up some elastic- I found this beautiful drapey velvet burnout. Done! But there was nothing I liked in the whole 10 thousand square foot store for the contrast!!! This time I was for sure going to avoid anything satin. I was so psyched when I got home, I tore through my boxes of black and found the perfect piece of black crushed velvet. Circa 1989- thank you 80's.
I guessedimated the quantity of fringe I needed and wound up haveing 1 1/2 inches left over- whew. This was not included on the pattern, I have been collecting inspiration kimono photos from Polyvore for a while and I knew I wanted 5 inch fringe.
I altered the front hemline of the NEWLOOK pattern by rounding off the corners, kinda the high/low thing. I think it worked out well.


I needed a top to wear under it and had picked up McCalls 6960 in the summer, perfect shape. I used view C for the front and view B for the back. This pattern called for a woven but I went out on a limb and used a bamboo/Lycra knit. I made a small and it is kinda huge. Is it just me or is pattern sizing just a crap shoot!!!!! The next time I make it I will cut the extra small. I'm sure even in a woven it will be ample in size.
Because 6960 was a woven it had all sorts of facings which I omitted and switched to 1 1/2" bindings. I pressed narrow strips of woven interfacing to the neck and armholes to help stabilize them and then stitched in the ditch from the outside with my whatchamacallit in the ditch foot and they turned out great.


Huge , but wearable/bearable. I love it when things go my way, I know I will wear this combo to death. Already on the hunt for more great fabric to make this again, maybe in a chiffon?I finished the bottom hem with a 3 thread overlock turned up and top stitched without stretching it. A very professional look, and I'm too lazy to set up my cover stitch.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Tote bag - Lisette1666

The original idea was to make the skirt and top..... Then - some how I only made the bag.
Lisette 1666 By Simplicity
The bag turned into a bit of a recycling project
You see I had a pair of faux leather pants I made a hat out of. I didn't want to toss out the rest of them because it was really good fabric.
And I had this old pair of linen pants that I wore and wore and wore. I was so done with them but I really liked that fabric too. So I put them together with this beautiful NEW linen I picked up at the sewing show early this year. As I was putting it altogether I had a few complications that became design features.The materials were so thick I could not attach the straps according to the pattern so I wound up top stitching the straps separately then holding them in place with buttons and heavy button hole twist thread! These are all from my Grandma's button pail. Most are from the 30' s and 40's - mother of pearl, celluloid, metal and maybe early plastic. I used one off's, I'd hate to break up a pair!
I love recycling previously lived in clothes, and not because I'm all about being green - I just like it when I can make something out of nothing.
Winter is here so it's time to put it away until next year. Kinda makes me sad because it's the perfect size to tote my lunch & stuff to work.
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Friday, 7 November 2014

October T Shirt MAGAM

Late - but still in the game. My fire opal knock off T shirt is done. I really like it , the fit is amazing. Better then the original ever was. You'll have to trust me on this as I have no one to take my picture today, and Mo don't do selfies well.

I added a few more bits of foil on the front where I thought it would be needed. All my hems were a three thread narrow- I have difficulty making rolled hems look neat at the joins. I love my 936 husqvarna serger! Be assured I will be making this model many times over as its a great basic style for my shape.

Too bad I'm a lousy photographer, because the opalescent shine of the foil is really cool. Anyway, I had fun whipping up this serendipitous look.

And Lola is very happy that we are back to sewing again.

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

3 a.m. and Foiling!

People always ask me, how do you find the time to sew? Well.... at 3 a.m. the morning. Isn't that when everyone sews?!!!

I just finished making a Marcy Tilton Vogue top again. 8691.This time I had enough fabric to add the flounce.

I'm not sure where I got this fabric from(oops) but the swirl motif is gold foil. Now I'm not really a shiny person but I thought what the hey. I've got some foil some where , and I'm going to use it!

One of the women at work said it looked Halloween-y. That's what happens when you are creative- everyone has an opinion. I like it and that is the only thing that matters. Right?!
So out comes some very black and plain knit. What I did was cut some thin, random strips of black Misty Fuse, arrange them on the fabric how I liked them and then using a non stick pressing sheet fused it on to the fabric. You must wait until everything has cooled down before you remove the pressing sheet. Ask me how I know this!
Once cooled, you then lay your foil sheet on top of the fused Misty fuse, shiny side up. Using the edge of your hot iron, scrape it over the foil, let it cool a little then remove it. Kinda like getting your legs waxed - without the pain.
And presto! Foiled fabric.Not perfect but that is what I like about it. I must warn you - a little foil goes along way, for the design as well as the product.
I decided to use my "new" fabric for a T-shirt I happened to be knocking off. Some how this top "shrunk" and no longer fits me. Ok I'll admit to eating through the grief of my mothers passing.
So far this is where I'm at. I cut the front out. If I have the time I might do some on it tonight after work. It should be quick and easy as it is all serger work. Rolled edges for all the hems and neckline.
What do you think?

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

OMG I knit a pair of socks!

Now, are these not just the cutest little things you ever saw?!

These will be little feet warmers for Baby Peyton. Kinda like

Or maybe they will be hung on the tree. Who cares- I mean really?

They were just so sweet I had to make them!!

I took a very bad picture of this easy pattern if anyone is up for the challenge.

McCalls needle work magazine from 1997.

I think if you zoom in real close you can see the instructions.

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