Monday, 10 November 2014

Tote bag - Lisette1666

The original idea was to make the skirt and top..... Then - some how I only made the bag.
Lisette 1666 By Simplicity
The bag turned into a bit of a recycling project
You see I had a pair of faux leather pants I made a hat out of. I didn't want to toss out the rest of them because it was really good fabric.
And I had this old pair of linen pants that I wore and wore and wore. I was so done with them but I really liked that fabric too. So I put them together with this beautiful NEW linen I picked up at the sewing show early this year. As I was putting it altogether I had a few complications that became design features.The materials were so thick I could not attach the straps according to the pattern so I wound up top stitching the straps separately then holding them in place with buttons and heavy button hole twist thread! These are all from my Grandma's button pail. Most are from the 30' s and 40's - mother of pearl, celluloid, metal and maybe early plastic. I used one off's, I'd hate to break up a pair!
I love recycling previously lived in clothes, and not because I'm all about being green - I just like it when I can make something out of nothing.
Winter is here so it's time to put it away until next year. Kinda makes me sad because it's the perfect size to tote my lunch & stuff to work.
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