Saturday, 21 May 2016

Finally posting my Alabama Chanin sampler dress!!!!

This is the Alabama Chanin 4 gore skirt that morphed into a dress. Originally I was just going to put a wide waist band on it that could be folded over but this happened instead. I like it much better as a dress as I think would have had a hard time finding something to wear with it. Dresses are so easy.
I thought I better get this on my blog before I grew out of it! There was ten pounds less of me when I finally finished it last fall. I wore it at Christmas with boots and a jacket and again in Mexico in January with flip flops and a shaw. Unfortunately there were no pictures taken when it fit better! The diet started yesterday - LOL.
When I posted a year ago this was my progress.
I kinda got stuck here because I knew I needed to line it somehow and I wasn't sure how I would do that and still keep that relaxed feeling to it.
Then the dress part evolved....sorta just a fluke......the waistband fit comfortably over my boobs- it was meant to be.
I beaded the shoulder straps and made a detachable flower.
Some close ups . I call this a sampler because I was interested in trying out the many different ways of beading and embroidering so in the future I could choose my favorite. When it's all said and done I would still have a hard time picking my fave, I like them all.
I eventually lined it with a knit mesh. I cut the 4 gores 2" longer and laid them over the back of my work and caught them in the seams. Could not have been easier. The 2" of mesh hang out the bottom and add a nice design detail and all my knots get hidden.
And here is the booty shot - ugh! But I love my dress I will wear it as much as I can.

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Vogue 8950 altered

There's been so many great reviews of this pattern- my first first attempt wasn't good! (V8950) It was not exactly a wadder just a fail for me. I used some expensive knit with Lycra.(From Fabricana Imports) No matter what needle or machine I used it seemed impenetrable or chewable. It was weird. On top of it , the fabric was clingy but it had a nice drape and weight. I really wanted it to work!!!! I have 2 meters left ....that's how nice I thought it was!
The pattern however was good except it was very, very long. I shortened the pattern before I cut and kept cutting more after. I think the fabric had a strange curse on it and kept growing! The first round the fabric won.
I won the second round. Yeah me.
I did have to make a few alterations mind you.
This time I used a knit and a linen in a colour block configuration. I've been seeing this everywhere so I thought why not. Again the fabrics are from Fabricana. A cheapish knit with zero recovery and a really nice and pricey Italian linen.
I learned my lesson the first go and found that 20 1/2 inch length for the linen was perfect for me.
For more of a swing look I slashed and spread the pattern by 3" so 6" in total to the front and back. The sleeves and yokes were fine the way they were. I also stitched up the side vents.
In all fairness I will make the original version again in a non bewitching fabric because it's a good design. But my altered pattern is my new favorite TNT, perfect for mixing it up with leftover bits!

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