Saturday 14 May 2016

Vogue 8950 altered

There's been so many great reviews of this pattern- my first first attempt wasn't good! (V8950) It was not exactly a wadder just a fail for me. I used some expensive knit with Lycra.(From Fabricana Imports) No matter what needle or machine I used it seemed impenetrable or chewable. It was weird. On top of it , the fabric was clingy but it had a nice drape and weight. I really wanted it to work!!!! I have 2 meters left ....that's how nice I thought it was!
The pattern however was good except it was very, very long. I shortened the pattern before I cut and kept cutting more after. I think the fabric had a strange curse on it and kept growing! The first round the fabric won.
I won the second round. Yeah me.
I did have to make a few alterations mind you.
This time I used a knit and a linen in a colour block configuration. I've been seeing this everywhere so I thought why not. Again the fabrics are from Fabricana. A cheapish knit with zero recovery and a really nice and pricey Italian linen.
I learned my lesson the first go and found that 20 1/2 inch length for the linen was perfect for me.
For more of a swing look I slashed and spread the pattern by 3" so 6" in total to the front and back. The sleeves and yokes were fine the way they were. I also stitched up the side vents.
In all fairness I will make the original version again in a non bewitching fabric because it's a good design. But my altered pattern is my new favorite TNT, perfect for mixing it up with leftover bits!

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