Thursday, 25 February 2016

McCalls 7191- party in the back!

It's been a long time since I've made up a woven top with bust darts!!! So glad I did. This McCalls 7191 is a little gem.
No nonsense in the front- party in the back!
Basically sewed up itself. I used a nice weighty, drapey stable georgette in the front plaid and a flowy - not really sure- poly semi sheer ??? Poka dots on the back.

The two back cross over pieces were to be cut out on the bias, but I changed this up because it would have drove me crazy with everything going every which way. I needed to match my plaids!!! The recipe looked like it had enough give in the shoulder area for arm movement. And thank heaven I was right. I tend to be small in the back but I could see how for some, bias could be critical for fit and comfort.
The v- neck has a refreshing facing, lightly interfaced. The back neck edge has a bias binding. I made this a while back and I seem to remember it a touch confusing to figure, but it turned out beautiful none the less.
I made view C with the short set in sleeves of B. I shortened them to suit me.

Overall I'm very happy with my top. I like where the back length falls.
And I think I achieved a descent match up.
No alterations needed, size 10 out of the envelope. This one is a keeper. I would like to make up a few more or try view D with out the crossover back... Maybe in light weight linen....mmmm.
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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

UFO sewing,Burda 6855 again,recycle, sewing sideways and inspiration. All in one!

Burda 6855 again was almost bound to be another UFO but I gathered up the will and somehow got them done. I'm so glad I did. They fit perfect and I know I will wear them often.
Okay- things got so out of control in the sewing room, I couldn't even find my cutting table! Every time I wanted to work on some thing I had to move my cutting mat off the table which was piled high with this project. All the prep work was done, I just had to hunker down. It just seemed too daunting. All that top stitching and a zip and rivets......bla! When in the beginning I had so much enthusiasm.
I had been inspired by this lady's pair of pants. I snapped a pic when she was heading out the door of my fave fabric store- Fabricana. What I liked was the camo fabric mixed with denim.
I had a pair of Miss Me camo linen shorts that I wore for years.... I loved them but some how they grew about 4 sizes to small for me and yet I still could not bare to throw them out. I knew I wanted to recycle them so this was my new brain wave.

I've made this pattern a few times so I knew it would fit. I used a medium/heavy weight stretch denim that I've had for eons. The camo shorts were mostly pockets and the larger portions were quite thread bare so I had to settle for small details with the linen.

I added a strip to one back pocket and used a fancy stitch to applique it on.


Lola motivated me by keeping a watchful eye on things.


It's difficult to make perfect top stitching when she has to sit on everything while I'm working....wouldn't have it any other way!

As I mentioned there was not a lot of fabric. I really wanted a camo cuff like my inspiration lady's. No such luck. What I did manage was to cover up the white serger thread on the roll ups.

I had already sewn up the legs and top stitched at this point, so how was I going to do this? Then I remembered I had this sideways sewing ( multi directional) feature on my machine. Bingo! That worked well.
I Camoed a few random belt loops with fancy stitching. And added a useless decorative tab to one pocket,

Popped on a few rivets while watching the Grammys.

Snap closure. Done.

Additions- I added a non stretch tummy panel. Helps to hold it in. I used 1/4 inch seam allowances on the waist band to make it wider.
The only things I wished I would have done was two rows of top stitching on the back pockets and added a coin pocket with rivets to the front. Now I'm just being lazy.
Jeans can be hard work but worth it in the end. This project felt very rewarding.
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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Night shirt to day tank. A refashion.

The other day my sister gave me this little night gown. At least I think that's what it was. Anyways, it didn't fit me but it was good quality fabric and I liked the lace on it. So I thought I'd flip it into something I would wear.

To start, I cut off the lace on the top.

Then I gave it a good pressing, making sure the side seams matched up. Once pressed I found the center front and back and marked them with a chalk line.

Using a TNT tank pattern I traced back and front lining up at the under arm seams.

This is what it looked like cut out. All that needed to be done was to stitch up the shoulders. I used the serger.

                          Didn't even have to mess around with anything below the arm holes.                                                      

The edges were pressed under 1/2 an inch then finished off with a narrow cover stitch.

Ta-Da! Fits beautifully, and now I will wear this - if it ever stops raining in Vancouver:)


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