Sunday, 21 February 2016

Night shirt to day tank. A refashion.

The other day my sister gave me this little night gown. At least I think that's what it was. Anyways, it didn't fit me but it was good quality fabric and I liked the lace on it. So I thought I'd flip it into something I would wear.

To start, I cut off the lace on the top.

Then I gave it a good pressing, making sure the side seams matched up. Once pressed I found the center front and back and marked them with a chalk line.

Using a TNT tank pattern I traced back and front lining up at the under arm seams.

This is what it looked like cut out. All that needed to be done was to stitch up the shoulders. I used the serger.

                          Didn't even have to mess around with anything below the arm holes.                                                      

The edges were pressed under 1/2 an inch then finished off with a narrow cover stitch.

Ta-Da! Fits beautifully, and now I will wear this - if it ever stops raining in Vancouver:)


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