Thursday, 27 November 2014

Kimono - making choices

Make A Garment A Month project for "November Nights" theme finished. I chose NEWLOOK 6072 from project runway ,now discontinued. I'm not feeling like I want to go out dancing in this - but I will take it on a hot holiday somewhere.

In the beginning..... I was going to use the camel silk for the contrast. It matched perfect, despite my lying camera. But the colour looked ghastly against my skin. So then I thought I might embroider on it to "help". Way to much work and it really wasn't helping...mind you it looks ok in the picture.

Then I found the blue Asian print, in the stash. And I kinda like it. Better colour for me. The right weight. Mixing the prints is tripping me up though, but I'm going with it anyways. I read some where?- when making a quilt you need 10% CLASH. This is sitting at about 100% right now. ( no- this is not going to be a quilt, just using the same theory).

Then.... I love it when this happens.... I was hanging up piles of clothes in my bedroom and this scarf jumped up and hit me in the head.So now I'm throwing this into the mix! Keeping my fingers crossed ,I believe there is enough Fringe to add to the bottom, I may have to fudge it some. This could be very interesting or a big hot mess.... Humm ... Wish me luck.

After playing around a bit more I think I might just try to use the scarf to make some flat piping to bridge the prints together, and I like the texture it will add. So here I am taking a very easy peese project and making it way too complicated.

Here's what I have so far. The flat piping was very crooked despite my best efforts. So a design op presented itself. This summer I bought a button up shirt with fringe on the front- so I used it for inspiration.

Mine looks like this. I opted not to put the fringe on the bottom, even though I did have enough. I liked it better without.

Over all , I'm happy with my kimono. It was dead easy to make with great instructions for a beginner, I like the fit and shape. I like the final choices of my materials, but it will be for indoors, a lay around the house kimono, and I kinda wanted to wear it out. Oh well , I have enough fabric left over to make some wide leg bottoms and a camisole. This out of print NEWLOOK 6572 is my go to TNT for pj's.... then my lounge out fit will be complete.
Stay tuned for my next kimono. I have already picked out my fabrics and am happy to say I will be wearing It outside.

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