Friday, 7 November 2014

October T Shirt MAGAM

Late - but still in the game. My fire opal knock off T shirt is done. I really like it , the fit is amazing. Better then the original ever was. You'll have to trust me on this as I have no one to take my picture today, and Mo don't do selfies well.

I added a few more bits of foil on the front where I thought it would be needed. All my hems were a three thread narrow- I have difficulty making rolled hems look neat at the joins. I love my 936 husqvarna serger! Be assured I will be making this model many times over as its a great basic style for my shape.

Too bad I'm a lousy photographer, because the opalescent shine of the foil is really cool. Anyway, I had fun whipping up this serendipitous look.

And Lola is very happy that we are back to sewing again.

Thanks for stopping by.


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