Thursday, 6 November 2014

3 a.m. and Foiling!

People always ask me, how do you find the time to sew? Well.... at 3 a.m. the morning. Isn't that when everyone sews?!!!

I just finished making a Marcy Tilton Vogue top again. 8691.This time I had enough fabric to add the flounce.

I'm not sure where I got this fabric from(oops) but the swirl motif is gold foil. Now I'm not really a shiny person but I thought what the hey. I've got some foil some where , and I'm going to use it!

One of the women at work said it looked Halloween-y. That's what happens when you are creative- everyone has an opinion. I like it and that is the only thing that matters. Right?!
So out comes some very black and plain knit. What I did was cut some thin, random strips of black Misty Fuse, arrange them on the fabric how I liked them and then using a non stick pressing sheet fused it on to the fabric. You must wait until everything has cooled down before you remove the pressing sheet. Ask me how I know this!
Once cooled, you then lay your foil sheet on top of the fused Misty fuse, shiny side up. Using the edge of your hot iron, scrape it over the foil, let it cool a little then remove it. Kinda like getting your legs waxed - without the pain.
And presto! Foiled fabric.Not perfect but that is what I like about it. I must warn you - a little foil goes along way, for the design as well as the product.
I decided to use my "new" fabric for a T-shirt I happened to be knocking off. Some how this top "shrunk" and no longer fits me. Ok I'll admit to eating through the grief of my mothers passing.
So far this is where I'm at. I cut the front out. If I have the time I might do some on it tonight after work. It should be quick and easy as it is all serger work. Rolled edges for all the hems and neckline.
What do you think?

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