Monday, 26 May 2014

A Small Distraction. McCalls 5998

I know, I should be finishing my Burdastyle Military Jacket. It's almost done, I just have to attach the belt loops, do the buttons and button holes, hem it and put the shoulder pads in. But.....

I got distracted. My friend Karen asked me to make doggy tuxedos as a shower gift for her daughter Kayla. Kayla has two Labs that will be hanging out at the wedding so they need to be properly attired too, right? Karen liked the idea of ruffles with the black lacy edge on it. I agreed - not having a clue how to do it. This is how I get myself into trouble!!!!

First, here is the finished look. Are they just not the cutest thing you ever saw?!

I literally started off with a sketch as per my conversation with Karen. This is how I envisioned them.


Then I found this pattern. Weird how close that is ... Right?

McCalls 5998 View B , size XL , fits a 20" Labrador's neck.

So it's simpler then I had in my mind but I bought it for the size and shape.. Never having made any dog clothes before I wanted a starting place. And the rest I just made up as I went along.

I had to figure out how to the edging - did you know they sell sewing machines that just stitch edges like this? Wow , you learn something new everyday. I searched around the web to find out how to do that stitch without buying the machine, but no luck. I think you can buy books that show you how to use your home sewing machine to do things like this but I needed it faster then buying a book. So I set to work playing with my stuff. I made lots of awful tangled thread messes but finally got something I liked and looked similar to my vision.

I used regular weight polyester thread in the bobbin and a button hole twist in the top. It was too thick with button twist in both and too fine with just regular thread. The stitch I used was a hem stitch A2:25 on my Husqvarna and I shortened it to 3.5 and left the width alone.

On the folded edge of a 2' wide ,( cut on the straight) strip, I laid a piece light tear away stableiser underneath and stitched away slowly . Then tore away away the front and back of the stableiser carefully.

And ta da!
I think it turned out great. This could have so many applications, collars, cuffs, flat pipping. On a bias strip it would work on neck finishes. Baby clothes ,quilting and heirloom items of all kinds. If any one knows of some books or a website that explains more on how to do this kind of work, please feel free to comment with a link. Thanks.
I added a front placket, used Seam A Seam 2 to hold it all together and top stitched it to the front of the 'bib'. I also used interfacing . The pattern called for the bow tie to be made out of ribbon but I chose to make the bow ties with the black bridal satin. More stately looking, don't you think?

I also made the card using book pages,stamping, free hand doodles and torn paper and put all the neighbourhood family names on the little houses,including Kayla's soon to be last name. I wrapped it in tissue and jute and served it in a bird house planter box- Kayla collects bird houses. I have to say of all the beautiful gifts she received these doggy tuxedos stole the show! It's times like this when I'm very happy that I sew so I can make people happy with the things I make.

Thanks for checking in. Your comments are always welcome.

Stay tuned: the Military jacket will be finished very soon.


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