Friday, 30 May 2014

Hooray! I'm done! Burda Millitary Jacket finished!

Wow- that was a long haul and I finished it just under the wire too! I think for my next Make A Garment A Month project I will make a scarf-LOL!

I am very happy with my jacket even with all her Flaws, and she has many-believe me. My husband has named this my 'Zombie Hunting Jacket'. But I don't want to get it dirty just quite yet.( huge fan of The Walking Dead )

This will be a good coat for running about town in, paired with jeans. I didn't really plan to wear it with a dress, but today I just grabed it and took it to work with me so my lovely girlfriend Denise could take my picture. Thanks D!

This is my Zombie grunge look.

I did add shoulder pads because I always remember a professional tailor telling me they are always in style when you are making a suit - and they reminded me of my Dad looking so statuesque and crisp going off to work.

I love most of all that I used his hardwear. On the epaulettes I used the RCEME pins which means he was in the Mechanical Engineers. The broach is actually a hat pin. I love this one , because the brass has been polished so much over time it is almost worn smooth. I have no idea what the ribbon stands for, I'll have to ask my Mom.

I used bright red lining In case I need to signal passing air planes and because this was a Value Village acquisition that I knew would come in handy one day! Yeah- stash busting. I wound up using very small button holes on my belt because for some reason I could not make the eyelets work- so much for having a very expensive machine, functions work wonderfully on samples but when it comes to the real thing that's a whole other ball game! The same with my keyhole button holes. Great sample, crappy reality. Upside - I am now an expert at removing button holes.

And yes it really does fit me. I made a size 40 which I thought would be plenty big but by the time it's lined and shoulder pads are added it was perfect, I won't be getting a bulky sweater on under it! There were no alterations made to the pattern, other then for my short arms. I'm lucky enough to still have my proportions balanced even if I have put on a few pounds. But if I were ever to make this again I would add about an 1 1/2" to the torso length to accommodate the belt a bit better. Or because I'm lazy, I'd forget the belt altogether!


I was going to point out the defects but have changed my mind, I'm over them now and I'm ready to make a new SCARF.

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