Thursday, 15 May 2014

Burda Jumpsuit 02/2013#124

It pays to clean out your closet every once in a while! Look what I found hiding. I made this Burda Magazine jumpsuit at the end of last season and then forgot about it.

It was very easy to put together especially because I didn't bind the pockets or the neckline. I had to adjust through the torso , it was long waisted and I am not. That was an easy fix. I just removed some length from the bottom of the bodice. It has elastic at the back waist and nice deep pockets, and is so comfy to wear- except when it's bathroom time.... The front waist does not have elastic or gathers so it sits flat over the tummy area which is more flattering then having a lot of excess material in that region.

Ok, she looks better in it! LOL. Mine gaped under the arms a bit so I threaded some shearing elastic through the hems of the arm holes and that seamed to do the trick- I won't win an award for that alteration but I was too lazy to take it apart and redo it. If I make it again I will do it properly. I think I could even make it one size smaller. Live and learn.

When I make it again I will use a weightier fabric, I have some nice red linen in my collection - humm..

If you have a nice long waist you could have fun accessorizing with belts but I just used a braided jersey tie, nothing fancy.

It was such a nice sunny day.... I gotta get out of the sewing room a bit more and get some colour!!


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