Monday, 5 May 2014

A spring baby quilt and card

Green is the colour of spring, healing, and new life. This is my little offering to new little life! I thought these were great colours for a baby shower gift when you are not sure of the gender. As it happened- it was a boy! Tristen. I think this could have worked for a girl too... Right?

It's a simple 9 patch. I kinda wished I would have put a bit more quilting into it but it was a last minute thing. I'm not sure of the dimensions, I usually just make theses up as I go along, and stop when I think it's big enough. This one fits a crib to be sure. But it's small enough that Mom can pack it around with her. The back- I forgot to take a picture of - is a nice cozy flannel in white. I believe every new child needs a hand made quilt, made with love!

I also love making cards! But once all my card making gear comes out I'm afraid my sewing gets put on the back burner and sewing for me is like breathing air!

My cards are usually one of a kind. This one is a water coloured image with torn embossed paper, vintage velvet and machine stitching.

Happy spring everyone!

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