Sunday, 4 May 2014

Butterick 6024

Here's my next offering to the Laundry Gods. Butterick 6024
I am making A/B combo. View A without the train.

I thought this would be a cute summer top so I am making it up in a cotton print. This is one of my newer pieces from Fabricland, I think I got it in March. It's not quilting fabric but it sure feels like it and I'm not crazy about clothes made with quiting cottons- to me they just look to stiff and 'House wife-y'- I know, call me crazy, but that's how I feel. The colours are cream and dark navy. I am being good and sticking to my plan to sew with more colour and prints. Ya - it almost looks black but it's not, so that counts. It will look good with jean capris.
The hubby is teaching me how to use the self timer setting on my camera and I kinda chopped off his head! Oops. I also apologize for the nightmare of a back ground - my messy sewing room! Or the sweat shop as I like to call it. I dream about those beautiful sewing spaces you see on Pinterest .......... Dream on!
Here I have Lola staring me down while I work, talk about pressure. Then she likes to play hide and seek under my instruction sheets, it's kinda funny to watch her in action, like she is sliding into home plate. Then I was trying to press a big piece of yardage but gave up because she would not get off of it!!! What, who me?
Lola is a pure bred Bermese and they don't shed fur like most cats. Thank goodness because she is all over everything.
It is super easy to make , the instructions are very good. I wound up making a size XS because when I compared my measurements to the ones written on the bodice pattern piece, there was ample play. I find it's much better when I go by the size inside the envelope then on the envelope,I think that is where most new sewists go wrong when choosing what size to cut. This is a very generous style because I am usually a S/M and not an XS. I like this pattern and will for sure make it up 2-3 more times, linen perhaps, some lawn, and I'm toying with the idea of some rayon jersey for a bit of swing and drape, and turn it into a dress.
At the end of the day it's a still a big shapeless tunic. The picture on the envelope alludes to more 'fit' then it actually has, and although it is not a boat neck, bra strapes will show with the slightest shift in movement.
I saw this made up on someone's blog - sorry I don't remember who's, and it looked better I thought made up in a plain colour fabric because you could see the pin tucks and design lines. Having said this I wore it to work the other day and received tons of compliments. Next time, if I make it with a print, I will not put a seam down the back. I don't like how it didn't line up very nicely and I don't think it is necessary for fitting.
In conclusion it's a sweet little top. I like the cap sleeves,they cover that bit of under arm fat. If you need an easy, loose fitting style for summer, give this one a try. The end

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