Monday, 21 April 2014

The Orange Pants (and a wild imagination)

Progress on the orange pants.
Let's see, so far I have broken 3 needles. One on the zipper app. And two so far on the top stitching - on pins - dummy! But my pockets turned out nice. I thought I was clever to copy the pockets on seperate tissue then stitch right over the tissue paper. I'm sure it's been done before,but it came as a new brain wave to me tonight.
The second brain wave I had was to break out my secret weapon, 505 temporary spray adhesive, to hold my pockets in place to top stitch so I don't break any more needles. What can I say? I'm a pinner, and I sew over them. It helps keep my local dealer in business.
Now I'm about to baste up the sides to see if they fit, and I'm scared.
Yeah!! They fit!!! Okay- fit is an exaggeration- they are not too small at least. The hips and waist are good - I just have a crotch adjustment to make- I have a long crotch- that is soo weird to say out loud. I found a you tube video from Professor Pincushion that was very helpful. I didn't make the changes on the tissue, just on the garment. It's about 14 minutes long if you are interested- the video!
Now I need to start the monumental task of taking in the legs for a more tapered look. Then on to the waist band - my least favorite part of pant making.
Did I mention these pants are ORANGE. More like NEON SALMON.
In my imagination, in my orange pants, I should look like this woman, I should be 5'9 and 115 lbs. Hahahaha! And be able to gracefully leap puddles in 4"stilettos. Hahahahaha.
And the reality is-
To be continued....

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