Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ahhh- That's better! Inspiration dress - again.

Now I'm a happy little sewer. I think it looks like my inspiration picture.I like this fabric, the weight, colour, drape, print, and it even has texture. I like textiles with texture,I find it hides a bit of my texture. Like bumps and bulges and such.

So what I did this time was to use a scaled down print that does not wear me, I wear it. And the colour, I have to face the fact, dull looks good on me.I used the original seam in the back to help aid in fitting and it saves a lot of fabric. This pattern has a neck facing which you don't see much of lately, but I think I may start using them again as it really helped to support the neckline. For the cap sleeves I only added a1" binding( I was running out of fabric), but I like it, it looks finished. I also made a small detachable belt to wear at empire height. It has 2 hidden buttons for a closure at the back, and around the front I heat set some pewter metal studs, on point, for something to do. Not sure if you can see it in the picture though.
I will most likely wear it with my boots and my 1980's style hip slung belt.Go figure - in the 80's I had a waist and I didn't even use it then.
I will be wearing it with a slip

Time for a small rant here.Don't ever underestimate the power of a slip. They are not old fashion or prim- just proper!!! I cringe when I see a woman's wares under her garment or the silhouette of her inner thighs when back lit. It's not sexy, it looks cheap. Slips are alluring and allow your dress to slide around on your body and not get wedged up your who-who, front or back. I'd rather see a little snow in Paris then wad of fabric bunched up in the crotch! And they are really easy to make or buy. Or make a lining for your skirt! Rant over.

Time for a cup of tea!


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