Thursday, 17 April 2014

Make a garment a month challenge-April

I have been drawn to orange lately. So I'm going to make some orange pants for spring. My husband has already given this fabric the hairy eyeball! And I think I have already made a boo-boo and cut the wrong size out , I've gained some weight since the last time I made pants and I just went for my usual size. I just might be able to fudge a few skimpy seam allowences so I'm going to go ahead with them anyways. I've sewn a lot of knits of late so it will be refreshing to sew a (some what) stable fabric. I am trying to challenge myself in two ways.1- to use more colour/and or prints. 2- to find myself a pant pattern that fits me well enough to become a go to pattern.
I cut out view A but I think if they fit I will probably convert them to the petal pushers view B . Rest assured, I will not be exposing my belly button and midriff !
As I was trying to take a picture, Lola was trying to get some attention- she won. The fabric is a poly/cotton twill with a bit of Lycra - and it's orange. You might be able to see some in the back ground. I just bought it this month at Fabricland- so much for using up my stash, right? I'll call it my new stash.
I'm very happy to be participating in the Make A Garment A Month Challenge . I am new to Blogging, and really enjoy seeing what everyone is up to. I don't have friends that sew, and it's nice to know I'm not alone in my obsession. My people just don't get it! ( until they want something hemmed up of course).
Sew - wish me luck.


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