Friday, 11 April 2014

Finished graffiti top

Butterick 5955 view D
Ok, the husband really likes this one- go figure!?

It's not as loud in real life either. I don't understand cameras and light and whatnot. It quite subtle, black,grey,silver and mauve.

My tip of the day; don't set your iron on high when you are pressing polyester !! Nearly had a disaster. Slightly melted the inside of the lace sleeve. It's a bit crusty. Only I will know and who ever reads this!
Changed the neckline by adding a 2" binding and then stitching up the front seam. Much nicer finish then the pattern called for.
Used Shiva Paintsticks and stencils for my graffiti- see previous post. Heat set with the iron and put it in a hot dryer. It's still a bit 'stinky' (smells like oil paint), but that will disapate in a week or so.

Well that was fun! Now on to my next project.


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