Saturday, 29 March 2014

Vogue 8813

Vogue 8813 view B

Looks cute - right?!! Wrong!!

See- it looks light and airy and shapely. Can you say big baggy sack?
My fabric choice was nice - I thought. A fine black polyester jersey with a soft hand a wonderful drape. Yes. Nice.
4 way stretch
I read nothing but rave reviews on this pattern- or did I? Maybe I only wanted to see the good and the positive, not the bad and the ugggly, because I payed full pop for this pattern. This is , Holly Hobby meets Broom Hilda!

I will do my best to try and selvage what I can otherwise it will end up in the Halloween bin for my annual Witches Only party.

At a cool 85 years, my mother would never think about dressing as frumpy as this!
Well I had a few hours at my art class to mull this over, I'm not giving up hope yet. Think I can make some alterations before it hits the tickle trunk.
1- I will take the sleeves in.
2- I will employ a similar smocking technique to the center back to add shape
3- I will batten down the hatches on those milk maid come marsupial pockets.
See, I kid you not!!!!
This is when I loose my MoJo. When my project turns out so yucky, I don't even want to go into the sewing room . I don't want to start something new because I feel guilty about my failure!!! I'm not going to give this one too much more energy . If I have to let it go, so be it. Has anyone else had these issues or is it just me?
Back to the drawing board for now.






shams said...

It's not terrible, but I can see what you are talking about. This is a pattern that I avoided - it's not right for my body type, though I really do like it. I hope you can rescue it!

Make more laundry said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to say that this dress now has a home with my sister. It looks great on her as she has a larger frame then I do. And Shams, thanks for commenting I really enjoy your blog!

Sharon said...

Oh I've had those moments too. When you have a vision in your mind but it doesn't turn out quite as you thought. Just put it behind you and move on. Glad you found a new home for the dress as it's a great design!