Monday, 10 March 2014

A new adventure!

   Tonight I embark on a new adventure. Starting a blog. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm hoping I will learn along the way. This may just turn out awful - it's making feel very vulnerable to put my stuff out into the world for all to see, but I will have to put my big girl panties on and leap! So here I go!!!
   My name is Maureen, and I sew. I love all things fiber. I've been a hair stylist for ( yikes) 33 years and I'm still going strong. ( hair is a fiber too!)  But honestly fashion has always been my passion , hair dressing paid the bills. And I love my clients!!! Mostly I make garments. My life is very simple so my wardrobe is simple as well. I make clothes that I can wear to work in and that are comfortable. I also call myself a pretend quilter because I don't really follow the rules and make things up as I go along. I also like to pretend I'm  a fiber artist lately LOL ! Maybe when I retire from hair I can throw myself into these areas more deeply, but for now I'm Just Making More Laundry! 
   My original goal was 52 tops - one a week for a year- and thought that is a sure way to set your self up for failure !! Then I counted 9 tops that I have already made and thought - Huh? I'm almost there already. Well I'll try ..... to make lots - how's that? 
   I'm an awful typist so this is painful. My posts will probably be photos and one liners and I'm ok with that.
Piles of fabric!!!
I have 3 bins ( big ones) devoted to black.
Lots of scraps from previous projects, new stuff and ready made I like to cut up and reuse.
So I've been waiting for a pattern I could make where I could mix and match a bunch and make some thing wonderful. I think this is it.

  Ha! Not so easy! I've been rummaging around in the 'black box' and now I'm just really confused. Who knew blacks didn't match! Weights, drapes, textures , fiber content, not enough of some,stretch , no stretch....
My head hurts! I thought I would have had it cut out by now. I think I will have to sleep on it. The Tilton sisters make such nice patterns I would like to do it some justice. Well tomorrow  is another day!
Hum.... Might use some colour ( Canadian for color)
Sleep now.😴