Monday, 17 March 2014

Vogue 8817 finished!

   Yea! I finished Vogue 8817. I just learned this is called a wearable muslin. I think I will like this version better then the one I plan to make with my fashion fabric. I like the edginess it has. The fit is good even considering I used 4 way stretch instead of 2 way. I'm sure I will make  this at least 3 or 4 times. I  am happy.
I can't say much for my iPhone photography skills- my husband Ron , will be appalled! 
He is a professional photographer. I'm not even going to ask him for help, he just gets grumpy. So this will have to do until I learn how to do it better! 
I managed my neck band by putting it on so the overlock was on the outside, pressed it and tacked it down in a few inconspicuous places, I think it worked.
   I hemmed the sleeves with a double needle but for the hem I pressed up the allowance and did my version of rolled hem stitch I mentioned before, then cut off the excess from the backside. I found this added a little more weight. I axed the pocket idea, and the bling, there is just enough going on.
   The only thing I haven't mentioned is when I did the stamping on fabric I used Ranger Archival Ink and it must be heat set or it will wash out, and that would be a shame.
  I think I'll make some tights and an infinity scarf to wear with it . Maybe I'll get a better shot of it outside in the daylight.   Now I have one more piece of laundry:)


tgwgws said...

Great top! Where can I read more about this stamping you mentioned?

Make more laundry said...

Thank you. There are lots of resources around on surface design for fabric. I just did a google search to find out which inks were the most durable and stable. Ranger archival ink was on the top of the list and I happened to have some in my stash! Just follow the directions . If you would like more info check or your library for books on surface design.