Wednesday, 19 March 2014

McCalls 6793

McCalls 6793

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The newest addition to my laundry pile ! This was my second attempt at this pattern.
My first try was too long and narrow in the torso, with lots of gaping at the arm holes. These were easy alterations on the pattern paper and it turned out pretty cute I think.

I styled it with a cropped sweater skinny jeans and boots. I will make this again for the summer. One of the views has cap sleeves that will look darling made up in a lawn.

Here is my wearable muslin made up in a nude georgette, intended to be worn as a camisole. Other wise it's very boring.

Here it is peeking out from under its new home.
This little tunic in a cream linen, is from the Sweet dress book . 23 dresses by Yoshiko Tsukiori.

I made pattern 1 . I thought the size (medium)was huge so I modified it with a scalloped hem. It's adorable and will look great with rolled up jeans and loafers - hey - just like the picture! I also did some machine embroidery using a Husqvarna design in 30 weight, pastel cotton thread . That took a long time because I did them one at a time .( dumb, dumb)

I loved this picture so much I couldn't wait to tear into this book. I love linen - especially after it gets the worn in wrinkles in it . But you have to iron it first! I have sewn with Burda magazine my whole sewing life - before you could get them in English , so I thought how hard can these Japanese pattern books be? The instructions were great , it is in English , it just takes a bit of time to catch on to her style of writing and how she organizes her process. Then I bought 2 more of her books! That should keep me busy for a while. I will have to revisit the size chart again however. It's a good thing I like to wear loose clothes.

Here I made it up in a brown , taupe linen and added a frayed flower and little purl buttons. Honestly it looks better on, I just haven't gotten around to having a photo shoot yet;)
That's it for today. I'm now going to cut out a Marcy Tilton dress.

Husqvarna embroidery


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