Friday, 14 March 2014

Cutting a muslin?

  Vogue 8817    I almost never cut a muslin. My body size is fairly proportional so I don't have too many fitting issues. Lucky for me I guess. I am short at 5'3" so I most often remove some length from the pattern and I prefer my sleeves 3/4s or shorter for tops and blouses, otherwise I get them wet and stained with hair colour . This pattern is great - already has 3/4 sleeves. The length might be too long but I'm going to leave it the way it is for now.  I was in the local thrift store yesterday and picked up a big roll of bamboo jersey knit for a whopping $ 9.99! Score! I've washed it and I'm ready to go.I'm going to make it in one colour only - kind of a grayish with greenish- my fave! I happen to really like the earth tones and muddy colours. So if it turns out okay then that's a bonus. What I thought I might do a bit different is make all my seam on the outside and maybe use a different thread colour. I'll have to root through my threads and see what I got. I happen to have a very well stocked sewing studio ( can you say hoarder?) and I have to admit sometimes having so many choices makes it harder to decide. This is my pretend muslin so I'll just throw caution to the wind!
   Befor I went to bed last night I had a brain wave - they always come at about 2:30 am:( I went with the black thread because I'm a wimp and could not make a decision and the truth be told some times mixing colous scares me a bit. But I needed some sort of embellishment so first I tried thread , I knew it wasn't going to work- had to do it though, just to be sure I was wrong! I was too lazy to set up
embroidery and it wasn't going to work either- I do learn. So out come the paints and stencils and markers and stamps!

So here we go. I put my piece on wash away  stabilizer   And did some wavy stitch lines - I liked the look and it would be great on a stable fabric , but not a knit. 

I should of listened to my Lola who was helping me.

See , looks cool right? Wrong . No stretch.

Much better,stamps. Kinda the industrial look. Mo likes.

Just some playing with different mediums. I like all of them but I went for the stamps . I have yards of this fabric so who knows I just might try them all.
Me being wrong. ☝️
For my serger settings I dicked around with pressure and differential settings so as not to make wavy lettuce edges, pressed with care and that wood thing (clapper?) so far so good . 
I'm still not sure how to attach it . It's not a seamed piece rather an appliqué type thing. I may have to piece it . That would work .... Hmmm ... I have lots of fabric.
3 thread overlock
Engaged stitch finger for a rolled hem
Length 1.6
Diff 1.6 
Lightest pressure foot setting

            Fast forward next day

   I did piece in the overlay and it worked well. 
The back bodice I added an exposed seam for detail.
For the shoulders and sleeve insets I will just make inside seams, but I will do the side seams on the outside. This is going to be way, way to long for me and it's going to need some patch pockets. It's like I don't know when to stop ,right?
I like how the sleeves are coming along. I did some stamping and an overlay in fine black mesh .
I'm thinking it needs some bling somewhere ..... Foil? Studs?  Maybe when the pockets are on that will be enough for me.
With any luck I should have this finished by the weekend.

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