Saturday, 7 February 2015

Lola's new Happy Place!

This is Lola. Love of my life, with her teddy.
This is how she spends most of her day. In her little bed with her baby.
Unless ... She is watching me ... ...
Sometimes she just likes to be cuddled... Like a hot dog?
Lola was " helping" me so much when I was making my brothers fleece bathrobe this Christmas I thought she might like a new bed made from this soft squishy warm fiber. She loved to kneed it while it was being run through the serger.. Not that there is anything wrong with her old bed that a good wash wouldn't fix. Just imagine from her perspective- a bed in every room- heck yea! Wouldn' we all love that!
I measured it up and went to town, all the while she kept a close eye on the operation.
It was hubby's idea for the sause pan lid. I was trying to make a big compass. Duh? I'm not the brightest spark all the time! The bottoms not even attached yet and she's testing it out. I may have over stuffed it?
Now it's all finished. I think she likes her new Happy Place!

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