Saturday, 17 January 2015

What's on my cutting table- January 2015


I just can't seem to do one thing at a time . I always seem have at least 4-5 projects on the go at all times. Or at least they are percolating in the back of my mind some where. This month I have cut out Marcy's coat. I'm just trying to figure out what lining to use.
One of my New Years resolutions was to get more creative. I'm so bored making patterns straight out of the envelope - I need to get my hands dirty!! And I don't really wear "classic" style. So this year I'm going for arty and Edge-y.


Boy did I get my hands dirty and everything else in the studio!!!!
I will include a few do's and don'ts in my post!!!

Today I finished my MAGAM challange and posted my intentions on our Facebook page. Kinda put the horse before the cart on this one.I finished my posts and garment two weeks ago. I was a little nervous posting with the new Facebook thing but it was a piece of cake!


I blogged about it here


I'm having some fun with ink and stencils on some red linen. I haven't decided what to actually make with it yet.


Adding textures to more of the same red linen. Still not finished texturizing...
Made a dress for spring. This one I slipped in before Christmas.


Making Lola a new bed. I have yet to write a blog post but will put one up soon.
I've also been working on my Alabama Chanin style skirt.
Each panel is different.
I hope to be finished and wearing this by spring time.
Not one if her stencils. My own design.
It's sort of a "sampler" of stitches and beading techniques. The fabric is black- not grey. It is very time consuming but I find the hand sewing very relaxing and it lets me think about my Mom:)


Also, I've been collecting men's t-shirts at the second hand shops to make an Alabama Chanin corset top.
This is the style I'm going after but in Greys-.... Maybe?


And the last thing on my table is a stencil I'm cutting out. Don't know why,but the mood just struck me.
It's the weekend now so who knows what else will land on my cutting table!!! I am declaring January a "housework free" month because nothing is going to get done at my place for sure!

What's on your cutting table? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it! Thanks for stopping by.


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