Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sunny in the 'Hood'

Of course, the day we chose to take pictures of my raincoat, it's the brightest, sunniest day we've had in months! I'm afraid some of the detail got washed out in the sunlight but I will never complain about the sun!

Well , this is my v8934 Marcy Tilton Coat finished. It's been a fun ride and I learned a few things along the way.

For one, I should have shortened the pattern tissue from the get go. It's a tad long. On the pattern envelope it's about two inches above the knees and on me it's about 3 inches below my knees. As a short person I'm used to things being too long. I still like it anyways.

I found a great new tool. The snap setting tool by PRYM. Now I'm going to make the Jalie City Coat sans snaps instead of buttons.

I got creative with glue dots. And I got to get down and dirty with my ink and sewing machine. Read about it here.

                                                                         I made a detachable hood for it as part of my Make A Garment A Month challenge - to Frankenpattern two pattens together.

It works as a functioning hood but it's quite flawed. I was getting rather tired of this project and just wanted to get it done. With the sunny weather, all the florals in my stash were singing and distracting me.

I started with this hood shape. Folded out some fullness then shaped the neckline to conform to the coats neckline.

I fused interfacing to the edges for some body and stability.

RS together stitched around leaving a gap open to turn. Then pressed.

This is why I should have made a muslin. It didn't fit!!!! It was too big so I just put in 2 inward facing pleats. Then I covered up my mess with a binding. I mean who really cares right !? I'm going with Designer details! It still looks neat and tidy.


I added buttonholes. See my red one- it makes me happy!

Stitched on the buttons to the lining only. Done.

I think this will be a project I would like to explore in more detail at another time. With a muslin I would have worked in proper darts and made it fit the right way. For now I can live with it.

It's an odd coat - not for everyone's taste I'm sure. But I like the taste of odd.


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