Monday, 6 June 2016

Burda 6969

I really like this pattern. Burda 6969. It was quick and easy and the fit was good for me. I made a size 10. The only alteration I made was to shorten the shoulder straps to fit me.
Like other reviewers before me I omitted the front slit, not for modesty but because I didn't want to cut up my lady! I picked this fabric up in San Francisco 2 years ago, at Britex Fabrics , and payed a kings ransom for it.
I also agree that it is very low cut but I'm okay with that. I think, now that I see a picture of me in it, I may have to shorten it a few inches and taper the lower side seams in. I looked high and low for a style that would allow me to use every thread of this (one panel)fabulous fabric, but the hem line length is not the most flattering on me. This is a short dress (for me) - I don't mind showing some cleavage but my thighs- almost never.
I blinged up the straps with some sequined trim from Fabricana Imports. And bound the strapes with a knit which makes it look like piping. The same knit binds the neck and arms (I hand stitched it)

This rayon fabric is light and translucent so I lined it with a (my tone of nude)knit of unknown origin. I love lined dresses!

Would I make this again? .... I think so. When I look at the examples others have made I think some pretty colored ones could happen. I might eventually cut this one tunic length so I could wear it with my jeans!

I could even see this top made up in a lace. Maybe?

I feel like I'm being watched......

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