Friday, 24 June 2016

Straight from Turkey! A Jumpsuit

Sewing magazines from Turkey! Magazine Creazion Elisi issue # 9.
Of all the things I've made in the last few years - This is my favorite!!!! I love this Jumpsuit!
Late one night, last year, I somehow came across these sewing magazines on line. I just had to have them. Pay Pal is a wonderful and dangerous thing! I was a little nervous,the website was not in English, but looked official. I'm such a gambler. It was a risk worth taking. They arrived promptly, in good order, and they are awesome!

Sizing is similar to Burda but not exactly the same. All measurements are metric, as a Canadian I'm good with this. I had to take it in at the back zip,by a few( 3-4) inches, and shorten the bodice by 2 1/2 inches.

This is the one I made! We look like twins! Just kidding, I'm a bit shorter.
This went together beautifully. I could have made the next size down ,I think I will do that next time.
These are a similar format to Burda, only the quality is way nicer. Fewer patterns. Not every pattern is the size you might want. Children's and babies included. ZERO English. No pattern lay out. Burda was like this in the old days too but I still managed to sew! I can't understand a word of Turkish but I'm still really enjoying the challenge. I did email the distributor and was told they don't include seam allowance.
I used a light weight cotton denim. I have no recollection of buying this. I swear I've never even seen it before. But like magic it appeared when I needed it. It's a good weight for this garment and I like the colour. The fabric had many defects, fortunately there was enough to work around them.

I used the Cover Pro to top stitch all the seams. I think it added a really nice touch.
Okay, I know this is the worst possible picture of the back end ever, but it's all I got! This was to be a muslin that happened to turn out better then expected. The bottom fit will be worked out in the next iteration- it's quite baggy and saggy, yet I don't think its supposed to fit tight due to the width if the legs. The zipper is an ancient metal one that appeared again like magic?!?! The perfect color and length. Zippers are my evil nemesis- I did an exposed version. Could do better.
I'm very happy with these magazines, and this pattern in particular. I have made a few other things which I may post about one day. I hope some of you other adventurous seamstresses out there will check into this magazine and post some of your results too. (In English please , so I can read it;)
I believe so far there are 9 issues. I bought them all, but I think one was unavailable or out of print. Don't ask me how much they cost, I don't remember and I'm not looking it up.
Will these replace my beloved Burda Style? No, they will have to live side by side. So much for downsizing!!!

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