Monday, 29 December 2014

Marcy Tilton V9057


This is a fine pattern! V9057. I've made 3 so far and have another one on the cutting table.
This is truely a great stash reducer- or you could go and get new fabric which is never a hardship in my world. The fit is great through the back, shoulders and bust, from there it falls into a soft drape. I've seen this dressed up with skinnys and high heels but I went the other way - comfortable.
I picked up this great remnant of (undetermined content), black knit- cheap! And then decided to deconstruct a wadder of similar weight for the contrast sleeve and neck band. I don't know about you, but I always feel guilty of a crime when I take a perfectly amazing piece of fabric and turn it into a piece of garbage.This sleeve eliminates some of that guilt. Oh, I added a little band of contrast on the left sleeve just for the heck of it.
For this one below , I bought new fabric. I like it but I still have issues with prints- I just feel over whelmed by them. This one is okay because it's a mono/blend-y print. There's a new word for you! There was enough left over for an extra set of sleeves for the next one.
The third one up, allowed me to use up some solid red microfiber that was going to be cut up into dusting rags, if I didn't find a use for it. I guess I'll wear it for a while first and when I get tired of it , then I'll dust with it! This fabric doesn't drape as nice as the previous two but it's passable for a hanging out at home outfit.
What's next? I think I'll go dressier with views B and C.
I like the look of these two together.
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