Friday, 5 December 2014

Jalie 3245

This Jalie 3245 raglan sleeve tunic is made up in some kind of mystery fabric!The wrong side is some kind of nylon knit and the front side is a textured cotton burnout. It's kinda cool but I only bought it by the piece and it looked like a very badly skewed mill end. I was just able to squeeze out the body of this tunic to get it on grain. For the sleeves and neckband I used a cotton Lycra.
Just a little note; a better foundation garment ( bra) can make you look 10 lbs lighter. It must have been a fine washables day cause I could sure use a lift here!!! Is that TMI???
The bottoms are the Laura knit leggings from Style Arc made up in a thick double knit=warmer.
In the last photo I'm also wearing a little eternity scarf I made with the scraps. Just that little piece of fabric adds a lot of warmth and changes up the whole look of the outfit. I just pinned it on with a gigantic safty pin I picked up this summer in San Francisco at Britex.

This pattern will be one of my faves for the year. I'm looking forward to making it up in many different ways.

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