Thursday, 24 March 2016

Vogue 9171 a love hate thing.

I will begin by saying I really love my top. It's unique and funky. And it's more like a dress on me!
I love this fabric. A billowing, graphic print rayon from Fabricana Imports @19.95 a meter- ouch!
Cutting this out was a pain. The main pieces were big and had to be cut out of single layer fabric. I'm lazy.I crossed all my T's and dotted all my I's when it came to the clips and markings, making it a breeze to stitch up.
I loved that this top has a separate hem facing. I believe the last time I made a faced hem was in the 80's. (May have to dig out that pattern!) I think I'm going to start adding facings to more of my hems. I love the depth of a good hem and the weight. Garments just look more 'high end'.
Model- 6'2".
Me- 5'2".
I also loved the sleeve construction method at the wrist. Ms.Tilton has you do it while it's flat. So gather it ,add pressed bias band then stitch from underarm through band- then you flip and sew in the round. Much easier then doing it all in the round. It's kinda one of those times when you say.' Now why didn't I think of that!'
What I hate about this pattern is the straight line right up the front. Don't get me wrong - from a construction point of view it makes the sewing easy , But - it plays havoc with any larger print fabric you might like to use by slicing it in half. All the lines on this top have beautiful curves or work with your curves except this one. I think my fabric print almost works with that front seam however had I paid more attention I would have laid it out better. If I had more drafting skills I would re work it front to back ,if that make sense.
See when you look at the back it has the lovely inset in the middle, I just wish that was the front. Then I would have more fabric choices. I think I may have thought the back was the front when I purchased the pattern. Usually the line drawings are my first consideration and I completely missed this one.

With all this said I still love this 'dress'. I have some small prints picked out for a couple more and I'm looking forward to making them.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for images of this pattern made up and think yours is just lovely. Thank you for your critique, especially the discussion of the central seaming. Also, the hem. Beautiful rendition!!!