Thursday, 19 March 2015

Saying good-bye....letting it go

A Jenny Haskins quilt.

I made this quilt for my Mom for her 80th birthday. It was a joy to make and to give. Now I give it away a second time.


This is a Jenny Haskins Heritage quilt. Her patterns are mostly influenced by the Victorian era, a love Mom and I both shared. Mom passed away July of 2014 so the quilt came back to me. I was never meant to have it. It just sat in the back of my closet, in a paper bag, making me sad and turning yellow.


I decided with my whole heart and without a single reservation I wanted Mom's cousin Marlene Wright to have it. Much to my sister's disappointment, she wanted me to give it to my niece. I wanted it to end up on my maternal side of the family.

Marlene is a quilter, and the first time she saw it she gasped. That was a good sign.


There has been a lot of strife on my mothers side for many years but Marlene has always been honest, trustworthy, and kind.

Marlene has 7 daughters, 24 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren- so far... So there is a good chance this will stay in the family for a long while. Hopefully not in a paper bag.


Marlene loved my mom. Enough said.

This log cabin adaptation is the only block where I didn't follow the pattern. For some reason I didn't like the one she made so I did my own thing.

I used my brand new (at the time) Husqvarna Designer Diamond. It was a great exercise in using every single stitch on the machine!!!

I took lots of pictures in order to document it. I find it hard to believe I made such a beautiful thing. I'm not even a 'real' quilter. There were so many techniques and fabrics used. Net, organza,satin...appliqué, embroidery- lots. All, I mean All the lace is made on the machine.

Let's face it Jenny Haskins is the real brains behind this operation. I just followed along. But I will give myself credit for all the free motion quilting.

Making this was labor of love and a wonderful learning experience. I gained a lot of confidence making it, finishing it, and giving it away- twice.

Now I say good bye and let it go.

My Mom.

Thanks for stopping by.


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