Friday, 27 March 2015

Butterick 5652 Fast & Easy

This is such a strange little pattern- a dress, a top, a jumpsuit, pants, and what the heck- lets throw a muumuu in there! 5652
I picked this because I liked the top, then decided on the jumpsuit. I read some reviews on the PR website , after I bought it, of course, most were not highly recommended. However I listened carefully to what they had to say and took the advice. Very loose fitting, usually means huge, so I cut out an extra small, if you can believe it, and it was still way too big. The rise fit just perfect , that was my major concern. The pant length was bizarre- never in fashion history, have pants ever been cut at that spot. Why you ask? Because it's awful and unflattering on every body type! I added around 6" to make them real pants. I also added 1" to the sleeve length.
Still, I just had a hunch I would love this pattern. Although this jumpsuit is a totally modified from the original, it had the right bones. I liked the simplicity - only 2 pieces! ( and pockets)The sleeves gave me the right amount of coverage I was looking for.
This fabric was a dream to sew with. I picked it up at expo- can't remember the booth. I wish I had bolts of it!!! Sadly it's all gone now. I think it would be a double knit of some sort, fiber content escapes me too. I did pre wash it in hot water and the dyer, so I'm good to go. I had to use a press cloth and a clapper for all my seams so there must be poly in it. I has such a nice weight and drape and a bit of stretch, and it feels yummy and rich.
The original pattern had a 22" zipper in the back (I could just see that as a disaster with my tiny bladder.) so I moved the zipper to the front. Used a shorter one and did an exposed application.
Omitted the side pockets after much debate. So glad I did. I took in the side seams around the waist area only and some from the center back seam. Then I added long fish eye darts.
Zippers are my Kryptonite. I always shy away from them but there was no getting around it on this one. I added fusable interfacing to stabilize it. That really helped. And I just went slow.... I only had to pick it out twice:(. I'm happy with how it turned out.) FYI , the Internet could use a few good tutorials on exsposed zipper applications.

It took me a few days to figure out the belt loop thing. Right up to the last second I was sure I was going to add waist pleats - circa 1930's /40's style. Then decided I liked the clean lines look better.

For all my hems I used bias lace and hand stitched them. The neck edge is bias tape, turn, hand stitch. Just nice and clean. There was no serger used on this garment at all as it add too much bulk to the seams. This fabric will not fray.

I positioned the belt loops higher at the back so my belt would sit lower on the front- I loath waist belts on me. I think they make me look too booby. Men might question that concept but I learned long ago to dress for myself.

Back view. Thank you Spanks for keeping it all together. A girls best friend!!!

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