Monday, 30 March 2015

LoriAnne tunic 5910

This is one of the indie patterns I picked up a Expo this year. I had such high hopes for a nice semi-fitted woven tunic. Sorry LoriAnne, this one has left me still hoping. It didn't look anything like the pattern envelope when I was finished!

Despite my disappointment with this pattern, I still managed to produce a wearable little top. I used a linen, pre washed, and stenciled on it using Lumiere paint by Jacquard in a metallic grey. The stencil is from The Crafters workshop.


I originally made the first view-In a black voile burnout. It stitched up okay but it was a square box with no style what so ever. I didn't even waste a digital picture on it.

Next I tried the second view- the one with the princess seams. The line drawing and the fashion sketch on the envelope, clearly shows a garment with a shapely waist indentation and a longer, slimmer silhouette. Nope , square , boxy/short, shapeless. Is it just me? Tunics are supposed to be on the longer side, Right? Well what ever - I gave both views a try and I'll give both of them a thumbs down. I made my usual size 10 and I don't usually have many fitting issues. I think it's just a shapeless pattern. Maybe if there had been a photo of a real garment on a real person I could have made a better decision on which pattern to purchase.

From below the arm and down the entire length I removed 4" from both sides. The bust point fit perfectly. There were side slits but I closed them up. To give it a little bit of a currant look, I gave the bottom with a gentle hi/ low hemline, without removing any length from the back as it was short enough already.

Yes, I could have shaped in the princess seams a little but they were already topstitched. And besides, it was not supposed to be a tight fitting bodice, it was supposed to have a hint of shape!

I don't like to give bad reviews. I'm sure it's just that this is not the pattern for me. LoriAnne had some other styles that looked really nice and one day I might give them another try. But for now I can find lots of other things to make that actually fit without reinventing the fly wheel.

Has anyone else tried her pattern? Any success? Let me know.

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