Friday, 22 May 2015

Alabama Chanin Corset Top

A little slow stitching for me this weekend!
This is my first attempt with AC's Corset top. I use two men's medium sized t shirts I collected from the thrift store.
It turned out well and I really enjoyed making it while I sat outside enjoying the sunshine. But I have to say it's a bit racy for me and I will only wear it at home. I did a Google search and found that this looks really good on less busty women.
I learned a few things on this project I will regard for my next one.
I will make alterations so it fits better! The neckline was way too low and a bit wide through the shoulders. I threaded elastic through the neck and arms to bring it closer to the body. Once again I need to make Muslins!!!
The fabric was very thin so it offers zero support. Next time I will use a heavier knit or use a double thickness.
I needed to add a 3" flounce to accommodate my muffin top. I really like the addition. It's very feminine.
Last but not least , I will use a thimble!!!!!!! When I've joked in prior posts about sewing till my fingers were bleeding-I wasn't kidding. It's starting to heal but man that little sucker hurts like the dickens. I can't blame my injuries solely on this project. I have been diligently working on my AC style 4 panel skirt as well.

I call it AC style because it's her technique but my own designs.

I have yet to finish it, but it will be ready to wear this summer.
It started off quite organic. Just paint and reverse appliqué.
Then I decided to make it more of a sampler.

Experimenting with different styles of her work.
Then the beading happened.
And you know, now I just can't stop.
It's become one of those things when more is just not enough- does that make sense?
I need to let my pointer heal up a bit more and then I'll get back in the saddle again- because I can't wait to wear it.

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