Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fast and (stupid) easy 5652 Butterick

For my Make A Garment A Month project I made Butterick 5652- view A
The theme was to be spring flowers-showers,and colour blocking.
I think I cheated.
First off this pattern is super or stupid easy. Front / back / done. This is the same pattern I used to make my jumpsuit. I like it when I get my money's worth out of a pattern.
I used a panel print that I didn't want to chop up so I placed the front on the fold, avoiding the center seam. I altered the neckline by adding a slight curve to it rather then just a straight triangle. Kinda softens it a little. I know this because this is the second one I have made and I like my version better. Ha! And I wanted to use my new French curve tool. I also added black binding on the neck to add contrast.

This is such a bad photo of the fabric, but there are yellow flowers on it and grey clouds behind the city scape of Paris. My cheat? I used a plain black knit for the back. It's a stretch , but that's my colour blocking!!

I have my eyes closed wishing I was in Paris!
This was the first one I made. This is an extra small. Believe it or not!!!! My usual size is 8-10 so I am swimming in this. This will be in my suit case for Mexico next year. A great beach cover up.
I love this fabric. Leopard print butterflies. For an old cougar in the spring!! Strangers have complimented this fabric. I have a few scraps left over, I'll try to squeeze out some cap sleeves with them. I want to use up every little piece.

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