Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cargo pants muslin finished

I'm happy with my pants.
They still need a lot of work to get them to where I would like them , but for now they'll do. This is a bad picture of us but it's the only one I got with my feet in it. The others look like I have tree trunk legs!
Just to recap, this was the pattern I used.
The Velcro fly front is amazing!!!!! I plan on using this technique when ever possible from now on, because it's so easy and because some where along my trails I acquired a large amount of Velcro! I also love the waistband. In keeping with the bad picture theme, here's a shot of the fly application in case you're interested.
The pant legs could still stand to be narrower, even though I removed 4 inches. The next pair will have some cargo pockets. This fabric has stretched out from wearing, so maybe a nice firm twill will suit them or perhaps I could just make them a little tighter? I think I need a good book or course on pant alterations- any suggestions?
Moving on....
I just made the little top I'm wearing last night. It's a Burdastyle twisted tank from 07/2013#130. This was a very popular model and I know why, it takes less then a meter, it's quick and easy, and is now one of my faves. I already have another one cut out and ready to stitch up. Great for the little left overs.
I also learned how to line the bodice completely by machine from this nice lady's YouTube video. Picture tutorials just don't cut it for me, I need to see it done in person. She demos on a child's dress, and gets to the point about half way into the 5 min video. If anyone else gets confused about this, like me, maybe watching will help. I love YouTube!
The Burda pattern tells you to cut it out twice, one for the lining and one for the garment, but I didn't have enough of the same fabric, nor did I have a compliment to it, but I did manage to squeeze out a half lining. That worked just fine as my fabric was not transparent. Saves on fabric too. The one I have cut out to make next has a full, contrasting lining, and I've omitted the CF and CB seams. This one was also a size to large, but I was able to correct that by taking in the side seams. For the next one I cut the next size down. I hope it works out.


Well that's it for today. I'm going to Las Vagas next week, and I'm hoping to pump out a few quick skirts and t-shirts for my trip. So I better get busy.

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